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Sarcoma and PEComa Investigation and Action Leadership is committed to research, education, advocacy, and support for those diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.

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The sPECial Fund - Sarcoma and PEComa Investigation and Action Leadership

Our organization is committed to research, education, advocacy, and support for those diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. We're focused on the unique problems and challenges presented by a rare and heterogeneous disease.

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Read a letter about the ongoing mission of the sPECial Fund, after the passing of our founder, Phyllis Domm.


  1. Research focused at the biology of several rare sarcoma and their shared molecular pathway links to other cancers (melanoma, lung and breast seem to be promising connects)
  2. Support only research which fosters best in class collaborations among major institutions
  3. Provide new Sarcoma patients and their caregivers support through web resource information access and direct support. The focus is patient personal accountability and advocacy


  1. The volunteer effort is already serving patients across the country who are newly diagnosed or seeking new direction for their Sarcomas
  2. Our founder published an article in Women & Cancer, "Managing a Rare Cancer Diagnosis". You can also read the PDF version on our site. The article is about managing a rare cancer diagnosis, and how it presents unique challenges. The author shares her tips for navigating the sometimes murky waters.


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"Dear Phyllis,
You are inspiring. It was so good meeting you today. I sensed your wisdom, your passion, your strong spirit. Thank you for those gifts to us all. These gifts and your hard work and dedication will lift our collective burden in concrete ways. I've had a chance to skim the article that you shared. Betsy and I agreed that this would be a wonderful resource for patients at the BWH LAM Center and beyond. I'd love to stay in touch, learn from you, share whatever we can on this amazing journey. Please tell me how I can be helpful. I'm so grateful that we have met.
Yours in solidarity,

Amy Farber, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
LAM Treatment Alliance