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Sarcoma and PEComa Investigation and Action Leadership is committed to research, education, advocacy, and support for those diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.

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Our Services


The sPECial Fund supports significant research in the area of rare sarcoma. The research is being conducted by a unique collaboration of full professors, researchers and clinicians at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Harvard Teaching Consortium. Please see our Research page for more information.


Our trained volunteers work with new patients regarding how to overcome barriers to find most relevant resources.

Our best practices are captured in the article "Managing a Rare Cancer Diagnosis", by Phyllis Domm, published in Women & Cancer. You can also read the PDF version on our site.

We work through phone and email with patients and their caregivers using a 7 Step Program:

  1. Identifying and facing the facts
  2. Taking charge
  3. Calling a time out for thoughtful decision making. Too often the tendency is to just move or remain frozen
  4. Picking your resource team
  5. Using your people and technology resources and doing your homework
  6. Decide,remove barriers and conquer the management of your rare cancer
  7. Follow through

Patients and caregivers can reach us by emailing Ashley.Laub@thespecialfund.org.

Volunteers, we welcome your assistance. Please contact us by email at Ashley.Laub@thespecialfund.org.


Our outreach services include availability of speakers to be available to groups for education and cancer patients to provide inspirational messages and train patients on best advocacy strategies. To arrange please contact Chris.Laub@thespecialfund.org.


Please see our Resources page. Our approach is to provide a clearinghouse and access service to best in class resources and other web sites. Always supported by personal responses.


Read inspiring patient stories.


Volunteer your talent to help us counsel and guide patients. Please see our How to Help page for more information.

Donate money to support more research. Please see our Donate page for more information.